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what a goddamn jerk Empty what a goddamn jerk

Post by Razor on Thu May 19, 2016 11:24 am

so i was on the server over a week ago 7th may. and saw that crash appeared again. he think he is welcome back. and after this little chat and he got banned again. then he was back few days again after that as unnamedplayer. and botting on the server. like seriously? he think he is welcome back? holy shit. he must have had a bunch of holy mad cows stepping on his stupid brain mass bc what part of the line "never welcome back again" did he not understand?

Razor: so we have a little cheater back
Razor: or what do u say 'crash'?
UnnamedPlayer: waht u want now
Razor: the question is
UnnamedPlayer: waht
Razor: what are u doing here?
Razor: u arent welcome here
UnnamedPlayer: 6 motnhs here
UnnamedPlayer: i think more
Razor: dude
Razor: u have a permanent ban
UnnamedPlayer: i tell u
Razor: hurry up
UnnamedPlayer: i wasnt in that illution that u guys would welcome me after that long time but i just came here at my home and opneded this game
Razor: u will have to talk to para about a 'welcome' back
Razor: but highly doubt u will have one
UnnamedPlayer: i did not even around in the past time
Razor: buu u are not doing ur ref work
UnnamedPlayer: i was not*
Razor: i know u were not
Razor: crash = unnamedplayer
UnnamedPlayer: someone is still attacking a afk player my goodness

and crash if u ever read this u were banned for not just cheating but death threats too. u were banned for autofire. and was given a second change without waiting six months dude. not everyone have that luck. u were given a second chance. to prove urself. and in return u repaid para by using ur second chance by cheating some more by botting on his server repeatly. and hurting the community even more. u had a six month ban for cheating on the server. but it was ur death threats and crash threats that caused the temp ban to become permanent. u seriously got no one but urself to blame

stupid comes and stupid goes:
Slaps Burke: i use hacks for sometimes bc it makes me happy

starting with:
Crash: usually i dont cheat but for this game i will bc i dont have time for practise

ending with:
Phobos: keep in mind para
Phobos: your dealing with a bastard
BallMouse: come at me bro
Phobos: ok
Phobos: kill u
BallMouse: do it
Phobos: you acting me like a kid
Phobos: for a stupid game
BallMouse: you are acting like an internet tough guy
Phobos: murder for an stupid game
Phobos: i have a gang there
Phobos: then give your address
Phobos: and see what a indian can do
Phobos: i will kill you if u give your address
Phobos: i have a assasis gang there
BallMouse: you are just upset i have the advantage
Phobos: i can kill you as well
Phobos: afraid?
BallMouse: very
Phobos: i wont let you live
Phobos: i wont see this server anymore
BallMouse: like i care
Phobos: i will also take down this server as well
BallMouse: and take the server down
BallMouse: do it!
Phobos: at least once i will beat your arrogant
Phobos: i wish i could have your motherfucking address bc after that u wont be able to ban me
BallMouse: someone has that time of the month :D
Phobos was kickbanned


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what a goddamn jerk Empty Re: what a goddamn jerk

Post by Para on Fri May 20, 2016 9:57 am

Oh god... not again...
I guess it was wishful thinking that stupidity would have made him walk into a volcano, or use a poisonous snake as teddy.

Still waiting for his assassins btw lol.


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